AIR AND ROAD TRANSPORT AHS provides services supporting handling activities, such as:

RFS handling

Complex preparation of goods for RFS air transport- unloading, accepting into warehouse, measuring, weighing, putting stickers on and release from warehouse.

Security control

Help in preparing goods for airport security control

Documentation handling

Documentation handling of air shipments- issue and/or printing of AWB

Warehouse storage

Customs clearance

  • export/import/transit customs clearance,
  • Issuing of COI/EUR1/ATR certificates
  • closing exports,
  • customs examination,
  • electronic notification of goods to customs Office and assistance with all other activities regarding customs

Special material handling

  • dangerous goods (DGR),
  • shipments containing batteries, as defined by IATA regulations (where Shipper’s Declaration is required),
  • valuable goods (VAL) and goods that require controlled temperature (PER)


Organization of road transport to/from the airport, as well as all over Poland and European Union.

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